You can do a huge variety of sport activities in this area and in its surroundings.
The surroundings of Bystřice nad Olší is suitable for walking and hiking.

Multifunctional playground

Multifunctional playground made of artificial surface - right in the area

Football field

Two grassy football fields - right in the area

Outdoor fitness playground

Outdoor fitness playground - 50 metres from the area

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool with a length of 25 m, a whirlpool and a sauna - 50 metres from the area


Two gyms - 50 metres from the area

Fitness gym

Fitness gym - 50 metres from the area

Riding horses

Riding horses area with an indoor hall - 50 metres from the area

Tennis area

Professional indoor tennis court in Vendryně - 3.6 km, 5 minutes by car